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as a Software Engineer

2+ hours of unique video content, created by an ex-Meta tech lead with 15+ years of experience

Stop being underpaid and stuck in your career!

Most software engineers invest their energy into learning more technologies, more frameworks, more programming languages.All in the hope of increasing their compensation or getting promoted.And they learn and learn, but somehow this doesn't really translate into a significant compensation increase.And then they wake up years later with little to nothing to show for. With their financial independence nowhere in sight. Stuck.

It's all because you're not focusing on the right things!

If you're aware you don't know something, you can easily learn it.But what about the things you're completely unaware of?I'm talking about the things that can have a major positive impact over your quality of life or compensation. And I'm not talking about "learning a new framework" or "doing TDD".And this is exactly what this course is about:

  • Tearing down your limiting beliefs

  • Life design, and how to get financially independent faster

  • Understanding big tech companies, their outstanding compensation and what it takes to get into them

  • Understanding how to be successful in tech roles and get promoted

  • A high level overview of taxes and how they could help you become financially independent faster

  • LinkedIn, CV and personal branding, so you are seen as a professional

  • How to sell yourself and stand out in the industry

  • How to make an amazing impression in interviews, so you maximize the chances of receiving offers

If I had this information 10 years ago, I would've been at least 1+ million $ wealthier.For me, this was the cost of the information I didn't have back then.What will your cost be if you chose not to pursue this?

I helped a large number of engineers achieve their goals

and you can be the next one

Frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

If you are an ambitious Mid level (at least 3+ years of experience) / Senior Software engineer, Software / Cloud architect, Tech lead, Data engineer, then this video course can help you.You will need ambition and drive, as you will need to take action based on the information presented so you can build the life and career you want.

Give me more details

Sure!Financial Independence / Early Retirement (FIRE) is a very popular idea these days. It refers to building passive income that will cover all your daily expenses, so work becomes an option and not an obligation.However, it takes decades to achieve it. Most never do. Very few are able to achieve it in a few years.My view is that you shouldn't be "waiting" for the moment you'll become financially independent and make a lot of sacrifices meanwhile.Life is short and you should be enjoying every day.And you can enjoy life everyday if you work in a place you love, for a company you love, and your compensation is enough to get you financially independent quicker than others.But in order to do this, you need to become a highly valuable engineer. Top of the market. Which will give you the power to negociate and live your life on your terms.This course is all about what's possible as a software engineer.I am not going to teach you technical topics. You are smart to do that yourself. I will teach you what it takes to be a high value engineer and point you to the career options that will help you get there.

What will I receive?

A 2+ hourse long video course, consisting in more than 150 slides. During those, I will present the topics described aboveAs a free bonus, I will invite you to a private community where you will be able to discuss the topics in the the course with other like minded engineers

When will the course take place?

This is a self paced video course. It will be hosted on Udemy and you will be able to view it based on your own schedule.

How in depth will this course go?

This course offers a broad and comprehensive overview of various aspects critical to achieving financial independence as a software engineer, designing your life and career, using taxes to your advantage, understanding big tech vs freelancing, improving your personal brand and many others.
While the course introduces and provides actionable insights into many areas, the depth of coverage for each topic varies. Some subjects are explored in greater detail to give you a robust starting point, while others are presented more as high-level overviews to help you recognize their importance and understand the basics.
The primary goal is to equip you with the knowledge to identify areas you might not have previously considered—what you don't know you don't know. As a proactive and intelligent professional, you are encouraged to further research and delve deeper into the topics that resonate most with you or align closely with your career aspirations.This course is designed to ignite your curiosity and provide a roadmap for continued learning and personal development.

Can you guarantee me that I'll become successful?

No.Because if all it took to become the top of the industry, work for big tech companies or becoming financially independent was a course, everyone would do it.I give you the information.I tell you about my experience.I show you what's possible.But in the end, you will need to put in the work. You will need to upskill technically. You will need to prepare to become better in interviews. You need to take the hard decisions in your life.If you are not prepared to act on the information and leave your comfort zone, I strongly recommend you do not subscribe and do not take the course.

Which country/countries does the tax overview apply to?

No specific country. The tax module in this course is designed to make software engineers aware of the high level tax concepts and points you to the a few resources that you can do further research for comparing tax rates between countries.

Are you a (certified) tax, legal or financial advisor?

No! I am not!The course is intended solely for educational purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. The information here is provided “as is”, from my own experience and combined with extra research I did on the internet.This is not financial, tax or legal advice. I am not a lawyer, I am not a financial or tax advisor. I am not a tax accountant and I am not licensed to offer customized advice.There are different laws for every country, so please consult a tax advisor or a lawyer, as every situation is different. If unsure, get a second oppinion/third oppinionUse at Your Own Risk: We accept no liability for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies, nor for any losses or damages resulting from the use of this information."

Can you mentor me?

Yes, I also do mentor software engineers starting from mid level all the way to startup CTOs. Here are more details:

About Mihai-Valentin Curelea

I am a Principal AWS Solutions Architect / Contractor / Freelancer / Technical leader / Trainer / Mentor with 15+ years of experience in companies like Meta (Facebook), Datadog and Adobe.

I worked as an employee, as a contractor, on open source, as a trainer, in the office and remote. I've been a digital nomad since 2020.

Here is how I got into Facebook after many years of comfort zone.

And here is how and why I left Facebook to became a contractor and travel.

You can reach me via LinkedIn (I have open profile so anyone can message me) or via email at

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